Families and Wealth

Facilitated family meetings, family wealth mediation, or consulting assistance for effective communications can be helpful to families as they face issues surrounding family wealth – whether in the estate planning process, at the time of estate settlement and administration, or another critical time.

Decisions involving assets and family dynamics are frequently complicated. It can be tempting to delay or to never hold important conversations; yet family relationships and family wealth may both suffer without them. Communicating the motivations behind planning choices can be essential to prevent misunderstandings that can lead to bruised feelings or worse.

Issues about the question of fair vs. equal, the distribution of cherished keepsakes, and shared control over assets arise often. Family vacation homes can be the source of happy memories – and also the cause of conflict.

Families may think that they alone face challenges regarding the management and distribution of wealth. In fact, conflict over family wealth is not unusual. The assistance of a family wealth mediator — an experienced, educated, neutral third party  — can help prevent and resolve even conflicts that seem inevitable or intractable.

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