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About the podcast

Ready for practical and positive perspectives on conflict?   Join me to explore ways to preserve and restore harmony by preventing or limiting conflicts that may damage valued relationships and to effectively resolve those that may occur.  We will talk about elephants in the room, expanding pies, the problem with cookie cutters, and much more. If you don’t know what those things mean, you will enjoy learning about them. If you do know them, you will be able to expand your understanding with some new points of view to consider.

I learned how to host and produce a podcast starting in October, 2018. I was part of Seth Godin and Alex DiPalma’s second Podcasting Fellowship cohort, filled with generous and creative people from around the globe (almost all from predominantly English-speaking countries. We all learned in English.) I was motivated by a desire to share positive and practical insights  — to counteract unhelpful advice to “avoid conflict at all costs!” and gloomy predictions that conflict is always hopelessly damaging.

In January, 2019, I began publishing weekly. Two weeks in a row, I share a brief (5 minutes or so) “host on mic” episode on a specific tip or theme. On the third week, I interview an interesting guest with insights to share for 30 minutes or so. The show is audio only, as most podcasts are.

Your ideas, suggestions for guests, and requests for topics are welcome! Enjoy!

How to listen 

If you are already a podcast fan, you know that you can listen and subscribe — for free! — to podcasts. My podcast is published weekly on all the major platforms. Just search for Crafting Solutions to Conflict on your favorite app.

If you are new to listening to podcasts, look for a pre-installed icon on your phone or tablet. Apple Podcasts, for example, has a white microphone set against a purple background. You can also install an app for free from your device’s App Store.  When you have the app, go to the app’s search box and type in: Crafting Solutions to Conflict. You will be able to find recent episodes and older episodes there. You can click to subscribe (it’s free) to get the new episodes as they are published. You can stop and start an episode, and listen to episodes in any order.

If you prefer to find a podcast on the web, Crafting Solutions to Conflict is on the web:


At the podcast website, under “Visits”, you can also listen to podcasts where I was a guest on another show.