Quoted in NY Times Wealth Matters column on using mediation

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Paul Sullivan wrote a great piece on the benefits of using mediation, especially Transformative Mediation, to help wealthy families and family enterprises. Published on August 19, 2017, and aptly titled “Squabbling Over the Family Vacation Home? Don’t Hire a Lawyer Just Yet“, the article sets out the value of mediation for extended families who want […]


Harnessing the Power of Being Heard — now in Mandarin, with great illustrations!

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

My article, “Harnessing the Power of Being Heard”, has been translated into Mandarin, and great illustrations have been added, courtesy of my friend, Pierre duPont, of HPM Partners in New York. The article has been posted on Pierre’s WeChat account. Here’s the article in Mandarin and English: 倾听的力量 (Harnessing the Power of Being Heard) 简.拜达尔 […]


Harnessing the Power of Being Heard

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

My article, “Harnessing the Power of Being Heard“, was published today in the Family Firm Institute (FFI) Practitioner. It is the first article in a series leading up to the FFI annual conference in Chicago, in October, 2017. The conference theme is “Electrifying”, which explains this introduction by Asher Noor, of the Practitioner Editorial Committee:  […]


How my work with ostriches helps families and their businesses handle conflict

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

It can be tempting for all of us to choose not to handle conflict. That’s part of why I work with ostriches: the human equivalent of the birds who (mythically) react to problems by burying their heads in the sand. It’s not a good option for birds (asphyxiation) or humans (problems get worse as you […]


Do it while you still can — adventures and conversations

Monday, February 13th, 2017

I recently heard the ongoing conversations of a couple of healthy 70-something guys planning adventures to enjoy while they still can. (The occasion, sadly, was the funeral of a dear friend.) Hearing them continuing to add items to their bucket lists (while happily checking off others) reminded me of the value of having important family […]


Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) Case Study

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The Connecticut Chapter of the Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) has started this year’s case study, involving a business whose partners are planning ahead for an eventual exit (bravo for advance planning!) The case study involves a business started nearly 20 years ago by three partners who were best buddies in college. Although theirs is not […]


Family vacation homes — joys and challenges

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

As we close in on the last big holiday weekend, I am thinking about family vacation homes. Family vacation homes are the source of both joys and challenges. In the movies, it’s all about the joy of the family being together, in a treasured location. In reality, the challenges of maintaining, sharing, and planning for […]


Family business mediation or facilitation — how they differ

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Mediation and facilitated meetings address both the challenges and the opportunities of family businesses.   Although the boundary can blur, there are a few differences between mediation and facilitation.   Engagement in a mediation process is typically triggered by a specific dispute. The goal is for those involved to craft an agreement, with the help […]


Silence is golden, except when it isn’t

Sunday, June 19th, 2016

Silence is golden when you hold your tongue about the minor, temporary thing that just doesn’t matter much.   But there is nothing golden about silence on estate planning, family business succession, or other things that are so very important that they are hard to discuss.   A facilitated family meeting or mediation can help. […]


Certificates Earned in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

I am proud to announce that I have completed a fifteen month educational program and have been awarded both the FFI GEN (Global Educational Network) Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) and Certificate in Family Wealth Advising (CFWA) by the Family Firm Institute. It has been a great experience: excellent faculty, comprehensive and thought-provoking readings […]