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It hardly needs to be said that 2020 has been an unusual year! Throughout, my Crafting Solutions to Conflict podcast hasn’t missed a step — or, more precisely, a week. I have offered observations in host-on-mic episodes of 5 minutes or so. And I have hosted interesting and engaging guests who have shared their insights in episodes of 30 minutes or so. You can listen or subscribe on any major podcast app and at the podcast’s dedicated website.  If you enjoy it, please share it with others who might enjoy it as well.

I started to learn to podcast in October 2018, launching a rewarding stretch of my own, curated, continuing education. In November 2018, I started to learn to be a CINERGY (R) Conflict Management Coach, becoming certified in March, 2019.

The learning continues.  In July, 2020, I became a Conflict Dynamics Profile (R) Certified Practitioner. I find CDP to be especially practical (my favorite approach to conflict) because it focuses on behaviors. It seems that any of us can commit to taking a look at our behaviors around conflict to see what helps and what hurts.

More recently, in September, I became a Resilience @ Work (R) Accredited User.  The word “resilience” has had a lot of attention through the ongoing global pandemic and recession — and rightly so. The R@W Scale is an evidence-based model developed in 2011. It defines resilience more broadly (and more usefully, I believe) than is usually the case. In the R@W model, resilience is “an individual’s capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, rebound and learn from unexpected setbacks and prepare for future challenges proactively.”

All of these endeavors support my commitment to helping people deal with conflict more effectively. It will always be a part of life — but it doesn’t need to be destructive.

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