Benefits of consumer-business mediation — Part I

Mediations between businesses and consumers are on the rise.  A prime reason is customer satisfaction. Every business strives to satisfy its customers, for many reasons.  It’s easier to retain a customer than to find a new one. It’s easier to expand the business relationship with a current customer than to elevate a brand-new one to a higher level. And, not least, it’s a truism that an unhappy customer tends to broadcast dissatisfaction farther and wider than a happy customer broadcasts satisfaction.

Mediation can provide a way to provide satisfaction in a creative way. Sometimes a customer needs to know that a glitch has been resolved or a defect repaired.   A credit towards future orders can compensate for a previous problem.  With the help of a neutral third-party, customers and businesses can find custom solutions to their unique challenges.

Posted in Business Mediation, Saturday, August 30th, 2008

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