Connecticut’s Foreclosure Mediation Program’s First Five Months — Part III

This is the third and final time I will write about an article in the December 8, 2008 Hartford Business Journal titled “Mediation Helps 360 Postpone Foreclosure.” Greg Bordonaro described the success of Connecticut’s Foreclosure Mediation Program, including comments from various participants.  One participant, an attorney for the Connecticut Fair Housing Authority, noted that those who are involved with the program would like to see more homeowners who could benefit from it take advantage of it. Less than 30% of eligible homeowners are using the mediation program.

From a mediator’s perspective, this type of statistic seems both unfortunate and unsurprising.  Many businesses, not-for-profits, public sector entities, individuals, and families who could benefit from some form of mediation don’t use the process. More than likely, they simply aren’t aware that the mediation process can be so helpful, in so many contexts. Increasing awareness of availability of mediation and of its advantages is a challenge for mediators and others in the alternative dispute resolution profession.

Posted in Basics of Mediation and Conflict, Conflict Resolution in the News, Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

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