What is the “right” time for business mediation?

Sometimes people wonder just when they should consider business mediation.  The time is right whenever the parties (and, where it applies, their advisors, including attorneys) feel the time is right.  Mediation can assist business owners, include families, address difficult issues related to succession planning, business structure, or business operations.

After a dispute has arisen, mediation can be helpful long before a lawsuit is filed, even long before a lawsuit seems like a plausible approach to conflict resolution.  On the other hand, parties may battle in court for years and then decide,  for whatever reasons are right for them, that it is time for mediation.  Or they can mediate early in the process on one or more points and then later on others.  This kind of flexibility is one of the benefits of mediation.

Posted in Business Mediation, Sunday, May 31st, 2009

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