When is the “right” time for estate mediation?

Sometimes people wonder just when they should consider estate mediation.   The time is right whenever the parties (and, where it applies, their advisors, including attorneys) feel the time is right. Mediation can be helpful in the estate planning process, when difficult issues can be better addressed with the help of a neutral third party.  Addressing these issues at the estate planning stage, though challenging, can prevent possible damage to a family when the issues are left until the estate settlement stage.

Issues can arise in estate settlement as soon a death occurs, when emotions are especially raw. Or they can simmer, and then erupt, as family members learn about the impact of the settlement of an estate.

In either case, mediation can be beneficial whenever it is apparent family conflict is in danger of harming the family.

Posted in Family Wealth Mediation, Sunday, May 31st, 2009

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