Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More

My tip on how to deal with a bad, falling apart business relationship was published yesterday in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur blog piece on “81 Strategies to Fix a Bad, Falling Apart Business Partnership.”  My tip,” Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More”, is focused on communication’s role in business conflict management.   This is the third time that I have submitted  a tip to the TPE and the third time that one has been chosen and published.  Three for three!

There are several interesting tips listed, showcasing different perspectives.  Here’s mine:

When a business partnership is falling apart, you must talk, talk, and talk some more! It may be tempting to shut down communications with your partner. Don’t. Why? First, you may find that you can save the business with some effort. Second, if the partnership must end, communications about how to do it can save you time, money, and stress – and preserve business goodwill for what remains of your business or whatever venture comes next. Too difficult to talk? Get help – find a business mediator.

Posted in Business Mediation, Dovetail News, Friday, March 19th, 2010

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