Mother’s Day and Conflict Management

The occasion of Mother’s Day can present a great opportunity for conflict management.  How? With the gift of conversation about the things that matter most. As a mother or as an adult child, you can use the occasion of Mother’s Day to start talking about those difficult, but essential, topics related to aging.

Adult children: ask your mother to tell you what she wants — while she still can.

Mothers: tell your children what your hopes and fears are for your later years — don’t make them guess.

If you start having these conversations early enough, you may be able to prevent some conflicts altogether. Start a little later, as things are just beginning to get dicey, and you may be reducing conflict. Even if the conflict over Mom’s well-being is raging (Mom to child, child to child, or some combination) taking steps to resolve the conflict can be a gift more lasting and more meaningful than even the loveliest brunch and bouquet.

Posted in Elder Mediation, Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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