Why mediation? Because it’s a small (business) world

There are certain truths about conflict, conflict resolution, and mediation that we know are timeless. Yet they don’t always rise to the top of our consciousness. This month, repeatedly, I have found myself discussing the merits of business mediation with business owners who really “get it”. In particular, they are looking for a dispute resolution process that will serve their own interests in a far-reaching and essential way.

These business partners have accepted that their current business structure cannot continue. They also recognize that all those involved are going to continue working in the field that their business is in. Most important from the conflict resolution  (and even conflict prevention) perspective is the focus on ending the business relationship  in a way that preserves both business capital and personal capital.

These savvy businesspeople understand that talk (a/k/a gossip) about their business divorce is inevitable. So, not only do they want to handle the business assets in a way that reflects well in the bottom line. They also want to behave, corporately and personally, in a way that reflects well on them as individuals who will continue doing business in their field. That’s where mediation can help.

Posted in Business Mediation, Monday, December 27th, 2010

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