Zampano Award for Excellence in Mediation

I am honored and humbled to be receiving The Honorable Robert C. Zampano Award for Excellence in Mediation, named for the late United States District Court Judge Robert C. Zampano, a pioneer in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.  The award will be presented at a reception in New Haven on June 12 by Community Mediation, Inc., which states that the award “recognizes and celebrates leadership, initiative and creativity in mediation in Connecticut.”

I heard Judge Zampano speak (only once!) and the point that has stayed with me is his statement that if one of his family members were ever involved in litigation, he would insist that counsel representing the person strongly consider mediation. The way that Judge Zampano phrased it, it was clear that he felt that mediation should be the default and litigation to conclusion should be the — rarely used — “alternative” approach.

Community Mediation, Inc. is a terrific organization and the oldest community-based mediation program in Connecticut. They provide mediation and other conflict resolution services in the greater New Haven area and training throughout Connecticut. You can learn more about their great work on their website:

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