Do it while you still can — adventures and conversations

I recently heard the ongoing conversations of a couple of healthy 70-something guys planning adventures to enjoy while they still can. (The occasion, sadly, was the funeral of a dear friend.)

Hearing them continuing to add items to their bucket lists (while happily checking off others) reminded me of the value of having important family conversations while you still can. It’s no surprise that many of us struggle to talk about estate planning, business succession, and other topics that will have great impact on our families. What’s more, if we fear a dispute will arise, or we already are in some sort of family conflict, we think that our family is alone — no one else has this challenge.

Family meetings and mediation

We may view a family meeting as risky, uncomfortable, or draining.  We worry about creating or reopening wounds, or that our reasons for making the decisions we do being rejected by those we love. The anticipation itself is hard. In fact no family is alone; many, many families struggle with potential and active conflict.

Yet these talks can also bring joy, energy, and peace of mind.

I help families talk about these topics that matter so much and are discussed so little. In facilitated family meetings, I provide a structure and a process to help families talk and make plans. In a mediation process, I help families deal with conflict that is already destructive or threatens to be.

Let me help you have these conversations — while you still can.


Posted in Basics of Mediation and Conflict, Family Businesses, Family Wealth Mediation, Monday, February 13th, 2017

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