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Mediation is NOT arbitration

Arbitration has been getting some bad press lately. Plenty of it is deserved. But don’t tar mediation with the same brush!!   Mediation and arbitration are both alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes using neutrals (as we call ourselves.) But they have different approaches.   An arbitrator decides winners and losers. Most of the recent bad […]

Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation, and Connecticut Sports Talk

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of being an invited call-in guest on eastern Connecticut’s “Monday Night Sports Talk”, hosted by Tony D’Angelo and Bob Lazzari.  Tony and Bob asked me to share my conflict resolution perspective on various sports items in the news.  At the outset, Bob asked me to explain the difference among […]

Kenneth Feinberg: Mediator, Arbitrator, or Hybrid?

Kenneth Feinberg has been named as the independent administrator of  the $20 billion fund BP has set up to compensate victims of the  Gulf oil spill.  After years in the thick of thorny, difficult issues, he was appointed as the special master of the federal September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and later worked as a […]

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