ADR: Dispute Resolution Processes


Certified as a CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach

I am proud and excited to announce that I have achieved certification as a Conflict Management Coach in the CINERGY® model. After many years as a mediator in ongoing, valued relationships, I am very pleased to be able to offer this additional service through Dovetail. In Conflict Coaching, the coach works one-on-one with an individual […]

Mediation is NOT arbitration

Arbitration has been getting some bad press lately. Plenty of it is deserved. But don’t tar mediation with the same brush!!   Mediation and arbitration are both alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes using neutrals (as we call ourselves.) But they have different approaches.   An arbitrator decides winners and losers. Most of the recent bad […]

Mediation Need and Mediation Demand

We often hear about supply and demand in a variety of different contexts. Lately there has been more and more talk in the mediation world about the need and demand for mediation — and how different they seem to be. It’s easy to see that the need for mediation as an efficient and effective means […]

“Why every attorney should consider ADR” — my article published in the Conn. Law Tribune

On February 26, 2014, the Connecticut Law Tribune published my article, “Why every attorney should consider ADR.”  As I hope the title suggests, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an option that every attorney should consider — not just those in specific practice areas where mediation and arbitration have been common for some time. Sometimes, clients […]

Appointment as co-chair of the CT Bar Assn. ADR Section

Earlier this month, I was appointed by the President of the Connecticut Bar Association to co-chair (along with Jay Sandak of Stamford) the CBA  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section. The section includes attorneys who work as arbitrators, mediators, facilitators, academics, systems designers, and for not-for-profits. As stated in the section’s description on the CBA website: […]

Speziale Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium

Last month, Quinnipiac University School of Law hosted the Eighth John A. Speziale Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium. This year the symposium covered “ADR in Hard Times: Can Alternative Dispute Resolution Maintain Access to Justice When Resources Are Limited?” I was honored to ask to serve as a Resource Participant in the afternoon breakout session on […]

Connecticut ADR

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section of the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) met this evening. A group of attorneys who are also mediators and arbitrators discussed a variety of topics. The one that grabbed my attention was the essential idea (often raised) that the actual people or organizations in a dispute may be poorly served […]

Do-it-yourself mediator

I was struck last week at the panel presentation on conflict by how hungry folks can be for tips on how to handle conflict on our own with techniques that mediators use.  When a mediator is at work, it’s an essential part of the process that the person is neutral and not a party to […]

“Brainstorming: Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out”

Tomorrow and Saturday, the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution (NE-ACR) presents its 2011 regional conference: “Brainstorming: Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out.”  Friday features a full day of workshops. A master class on “Understanding and Managing Conflict in Work Teams” will be presented by Eben Weitzman on Saturday. Events both days […]

A new type of ombuds?

Last time I wrote about the concept of the ombuds (or ombudsman or ombudsperson.) Traditionally, the ombuds serves as an all-around dispute resolution specialist in an organization: corporate (whether for-profit or not-for-profit), academic, or government agency. One of the great advantages of mediation and related approaches to voluntary conflict resolution is their flexibility. Because the […]

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