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Dovetail and New Year’s Resolutions

All year long, my work with Dovetail Resolutions is devoted to helping intergenerational families and their businesses make and keep resolutions.   Resolutions that reflect a determination to take concrete steps to create and execute a plan. Resolutions to conflicts that are damaging families, their businesses, and their wealth.   The New Year is a […]

Two Kinds of “Resolutions”

Throughout the year, my thoughts are on conflict resolution. Most of my work involves mediation, the type of conflict or dispute “resolution” where a dispute has come to a head and needs to be resolved effectively. Yet this time of year we hear a lot about New Year’s Resolutions. This type of “resolution” is more […]

“He Shouldn’t Have to be Told…”

A few days ago, a party to a conflict described to me the root of the problem, from this person’s perspective: “He shouldn’t have to be told; he should know.”   This concept is a common one in conflicts involving people with ongoing relationships:  business partners or co-workers, families struggling to manage jointly-held assets, families grappling […]

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