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For One Day, No Demonizing

I am publishing this post just before Thanksgiving Day, a day that can present a potent mix of joy and aggravation.  Although these ideas are especially applicable on that day, they are worth considering for a day featuring a family event or any day at all.     In my work to prevent and resolve […]

Conflict prevention: read twice, send once

You may have heard the carpenter’s rule to measure twice and cut once. I’d say there is a similar rule for written communications, especially those you send to people with whom you may find yourselves in conflict (currently or in the future.)  Write the message — be it a tweet, text, email, blog post or […]

“He Shouldn’t Have to be Told…”

A few days ago, a party to a conflict described to me the root of the problem, from this person’s perspective: “He shouldn’t have to be told; he should know.”   This concept is a common one in conflicts involving people with ongoing relationships:  business partners or co-workers, families struggling to manage jointly-held assets, families grappling […]

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