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Silence is golden, except when it isn’t

Silence is golden when you hold your tongue about the minor, temporary thing that just doesn’t matter much.   But there is nothing golden about silence on estate planning, family business succession, or other things that are so very important that they are hard to discuss.   A facilitated family meeting or mediation can help. […]

Giving Thanks for Family

It’s easy to Talk the Talk about Thanksgiving and family: “I am so thankful for my family.” “I love my family and I would do anything for them.” “Family comes first.” But do you Walk the Walk? Have you had those important conversations about estate planning? Have your parents told you their wishes about end-of-life […]

Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More

My tip on how to deal with a bad, falling apart business relationship was published yesterday in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur blog piece on “81 Strategies to Fix a Bad, Falling Apart Business Partnership.”  My tip,” Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More”, is focused on communication’s role in business conflict management.   This is the third […]

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