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News in this unusual year

It hardly needs to be said that 2020 has been an unusual year! Throughout, my Crafting Solutions to Conflict podcast hasn’t missed a step — or, more precisely, a week. I have offered observations in host-on-mic episodes of 5 minutes or so. And I have hosted interesting and engaging guests who have shared their insights […]

“Confronting Conflict” panel discussion

I will be speaking on September 20, 2011 as part of a panel discussion on “Confronting Conflict”, including practical tips on dealing with conflict in your life and work. The presentation is the latest in Xcel, Inc.’s Hartford, CT networking series. Xcel, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, provides educational and networking opportunities to female students and […]

Greece, the European Union, and Conflict Resolution

The saga of Greece and the European Union (EU) has attracted lots of analysis and opinion.  Continuing to look at the situation from the conflict management perspective, now it’s time to move past conflict prevention and conflict reduction to conflict resolution. When the financial woes of  Greece took center stage, the economically stronger members of […]

Greece, the European Union, and Conflict Reduction

Last time, I wrote from the conflict prevention perspective about the tough situation facing Greece and the European Union (EU).  Assume for a moment that Greece’s admission to the EU was premature or simply not a good idea at the time, and that the decision was made nonetheless. Still, there were opportunities — missed — […]

Greece, the European Union, and Conflict Prevention

Much has been said and written about the difficult situation that Greece and the European Union (EU) face.   I see it from the perspective of conflict prevention, conflict reduction, and conflict resolution. Regarding conflict prevention, there is talk that Greece was admitted to the EU before it was politically, and perhaps politically, ready.  But that […]

Mother’s Day and Conflict Management

The occasion of Mother’s Day can present a great opportunity for conflict management.  How? With the gift of conversation about the things that matter most. As a mother or as an adult child, you can use the occasion of Mother’s Day to start talking about those difficult, but essential, topics related to aging. Adult children: […]

Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More

My tip on how to deal with a bad, falling apart business relationship was published yesterday in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur blog piece on “81 Strategies to Fix a Bad, Falling Apart Business Partnership.”  My tip,” Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More”, is focused on communication’s role in business conflict management.   This is the third […]

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